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Vetran Receives Much Needed Funds for Care Through Proper Planning

Our office has been fortunate to have the privilege to serve what has become widely known as “The Greatest Generation.”  The generation that endured the great depression and went on to fight in World War II has always been a very private generation, with a focus on dignity and independence.  For many veterans and their surviving spouses, their current fixed income is not enough to allow them to remain in their home when care needs arise.  Thankfully, the VA Aid and Attendance program, has helped many fill that gap. 

We recently had a gentleman (a former paratrooper who dropped into France four days after D-Day) come to our office.  His wife had passed a few months before, and for the first time, he was cooking for himself, cleaning for himself, and caring for himself full time.  His health had begun to decline and the daily living activities he was once able to do for himself quickly became overwhelming.  During the course of our consultation, we discovered that he would qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit.  We quickly put a comprehensive estate plan in place and began the Aid and Attendance application.


The gentleman was able to begin receiving care immediately.  The assistance his home care team was able to provide, through nutrition, daily living activities, and companionship improved his physical and mental wellbeing.  He was overjoyed to know that he could keep his affairs private and maintain his dignity and independence by remaining at home.  Months later when the VA finalized the approval process, his assets and funds were maintained in case more care would be needed in the future.

Helping clients like this gentleman is just one of the privileges we enjoy in this wonderful industry.  Helping people receive the highest quality of care possible is our number one priority.

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